Long Term Stays Abroad for Seniors

Questions on Cultural Travel for Elder People

How can elder citizens organise their stays?

Flotte Oma

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How do placements come about?
Travellers and families (or organisations) register with ElderPair and fix all conditions among themselves. ElderPair does not demand any fees, the service is free.
ElderPair would only exceptionally do a placement.

Is there any age limit?
Generally not. ElderPairs are mature and reliable adults and beyond the nomal age of au pairs (27-30 years). Else there is no limit. You may be 50, 60, 65 or more years of age. No problem. Conditions though are good physical and mental health and a general active interest in life.

Please register for free and send in your offers or demands. Fill in the form (Travellers & Hosts) in the language of you addressees. In most cases English would suit best !!! 

Are offers valid for both genders?
Yes. It depends on the family or organisation.

Can couples - married or not - go abroad together?
This is not very likely, but on the other hand generally not excluded.

What countries can one go to?
In general one could stay in any country, but it is clear that certains countries are unsafe to travel or stay in because of political upheaval, religious and social tensions, catastrophies, health conditions etc. If in doubt, see recommendations of you ministry of foreign affairs or similar competent authorities. Don´t forget, that also the climate may be difficult to bear. 

What about language knowledge?
There should be a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the family at least.
If different from the language spoken in the country, a knowledge of this would be helpful as well. But no one will expect a perfect level of a foreign language. After all this type of journey implies that one wants to learn the language of the country. Advice: Skye or give your future host a ring. 

Are stays in my country possible as well?
Yes, they are. Why not get to know a different part of your country?

What are the conditions?
All applicants should be men and women, who know life well, and who can pass on their professional or personal experiences. Tolerance, flexibility, patience and an acceptance of new conditions are necessary, especially when foreign and unkown cultures are concerned.
Independence is important and travel experience abroad will be helpful.

ElderPair´s service is free. You may register and publish your offes or queries freely. Only if you wish to contact someone else, there will be a modest fee of  € 11,20 for three months. 
All travel expenses, flights, visa fees and private expenses have to be paid by the traveller.

Is there any remuneration by hosts or an organisation?
Generally not. Often board and lodging are included. All details must be fixed among the traveller and the familiy or organisation.

What is the length of a stay?
Apart from a few exceptions EU-citizens have no restrictions within the EU-countries. 
As to other countries and nationalities current visa rules and immigration laws have to be observed.

What are the typical tasks abroad?
Similar to an au pair stay a guest should be accepted as a family member and be integrated in the family´s life.
All details must be discussed and arranged between the guest and the familiy or organisation.